Sunday, December 13, 2009

They're Made Out of Meat

"Meat made the machines"

With that one line of dialogue, Ben Bailey's deadpan anthropologist provides a better-than-most description of the sci-fi genre in this clever and offbeat short film. Stephen O'Regan's vaguely Lynchian movie (based on Terry Bisson's Nebula-nominated short story of the same name) suggests that the extraterrestrial reaction to discovering human life might be more Douglas Adams than Steven Spielberg. Tom Noonan is a perfect foil to Bailey as an incredulous colleague, wielding his Tooth Fairy-esque creepiness to full effect. Hilarious and philosophical in equal measures, it's well worth your eight (very) odd minutes. Thanks to my brother for passing it on.

My IMDB rating of the movie: 8/10

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